This is our first trip in the RV, a new to us 2005 Holiday Rambler Neptune 34′ Diesel Pusher. We wanted a short overnight trip to understand how Taz and Susie Q would do in the RV, experience longer driving runs, and experience an RV resort. It was an interesting new experience that started when we left Saturday morning and made a loop up through Flagstaff, Albuquerque, stayed overnight at Kiva RV Park and Horse Motel

A picture of Taz "smiling" in the driver seat of the RV.
Hello, my name is Taz, I’ll be your captain!

We ended up leaving later than we had planned, but the Captain of this new RV was friendly and ready to get under way. By 10:30 Saturday morning we were on our way and cruising up the 17 toward Flagstaff. We’re still learning the dog’s limits so we stopped off at a rest area in McGuireville, AZ to let everyone out and do their business. After that we were back on the road, we passed through Flagstaff and a few hours after our first stop decided to take another near Meteor Crater. Everyone got out and stretched their legs, there were some interesting Rock formations here.IMG_0421

We took off from the rest area and crossed into New Mexico. We got some gas as a Loves just over the border and it was our first real lesson. We learned that even though the RV is large we do not belong in the trucker lanes, it seems truckers are in general not in a hurry. They would stop, get out of the trucks, go about their business and leave a line at the pumps. Lesson learned, we moved on and got back on the road.


We took a smaller highway that bypassed Albuquerque proper, and got quite a rattling. The road was pretty bumpy and reduced to one lane (as in for both directions) which was managed by men at both ends stopping traffic and a pilot vehicle. Finally we arrived at our overnight site, the Kiva RV Park and Horse Motel. This was our first RV park ever so it was all a new experience. After we checked in, paid cash and got a hand written receipt, we were lead to our site. We quickly hooked up, dumped our grey and black tanks, then setup for the night. While Eric took the dogs out to the dog run, I started preparing dinner. Unfortunately the trees blocked the satellite, they didn’t have cable and we were too far from any over the air TV signals so we didn’t have any television.


Sunday morning we packed up, got on the road again and headed home. We stopped off at a rest area and made some lunch before getting gas and heading home. All in all it was a good experience with some lessons learned. Now we just need to get a multi-night run under out belts to understand how the dogs will behave after a few days and in future trips we need to stop off at more places and experience more of the country.